The Specialized Agencies branch of ALMUN XIII offers four engaging committees on a range of topics through its blend of both Crisis Committees and General Assemblies. This branch’s unique approach to parliamentary procedure provides delegates with the opportunity to explore different aspects of Model UN while strengthening their interpersonal skills and gaining knowledge of international affairs. This year’s conference will consist of a Legislative Body, an International Court of Justice, and two Regional Bodies. Whether it be through debating the contentious ICJ case of 1986 between Nicaragua and the United States, serving as a member of the Pan-European Intelligence Council, paving the way for improved women’s and children’s health in the International Council of Women, or even restoring order in Rome following the murder of Julius Caesar, delegates are sure to be engaged in challenging and exciting debate throughout the entirety of the conference.

Thus Always to Tyrants: Recovering the Roman Republic


Madeeha Aziz and Frances Seabrook


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