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The Worst of Brothers: The Elite of Nineveh

 In the ancient past, conflict looms, and the great Assyrian Empire sits at the precipice of greatness or downfall. When King Esarhaddon of Assyria died, he made his youngest son Ashurbanipal emperor of Assyria and all its conquered territories, spanning from the Nile to the Persian Gulf to central Turkey. To his older son, Šamaš-šuma-ukin, he granted the position King of Babylon, a subservient role. After years of tension, micromanagement, and overreach by Ashurbanipal, Šamaš-šuma-ukin revolted, attempting to break Babylon free from the iron fist of Assyria. Civil war is not Assyria’s only challenge, though — from the Medes to the Elamites, threats to the empire loom, waiting and willing to capitalize on any sign of weakness. Delegates will be serving as elite citizens of the grand capital, Nineveh, as they are forced to navigate complex military, religious, cultural, diplomatic, and economic pressures. Under their guidance, Assyria must not only prove its dominance in the region, but also seize its right to further existence. 

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Crisis Director
Davin Sivertson

Davin is a freshman from Cincinnati, Ohio studying chemistry and physics with minors in Spanish and math. He has interests in history, water remediation, polymers, and philosophy. Davin started doing Model UN in 8th grade and continued with it through his senior year. In his free time Davin enjoys playing video games (RIP Overwatch 2), backpacking, and going down multi-hour research rabbit holes on random topics. ALMUN XVI will be Davin’s first time as crisis director for ALMUN. Davin looks forward to exploring an often obscure and under researched part of history with all of you and encourages you to reach out with any questions about the committee. 


Perrin Larkin

Perri Larkin is a sophomore studying international relations and Spanish with minors in history and the Blount Scholars Program. With luck, Perri will have been accepted to the Accelerated Master’s Program to begin graduate work for a Master’s in Public Administration. Outside of school, Perri is an avid member of Alabama’s Model United Nations travel team and the director of the Tuscaloosa Initiative for Language Education. In any remaining free time, they like to paint, read about forensic anthropology, and lift weights. Perri hopes that all delegates have an amazing experience, whether this is year one or year four of MUN!

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