DISEC, the first committee of the General Assemblies, deals primarily with international security issues. The committee seeks to promote global peace by investigating various global security threats and facilitating solutions. Specifically, the committee focuses on cooperative arrangements and the regulation of armaments.

Chair: Bill Kolpak

Bill Kolpak is a sophomore from Chicago, Illinois majoring in Accounting and Finance. Bill has been involved in Model United Nations and debate since his Freshmen year of high school and this is his second year as a Chair at ALMUN. He is especially proud of his enhanced communication skills and deep knowledge of current events that he has fostered through participation in Model United Nations. Outside of the Alabama International Relations Club, Bill is the Treasurer for his Fraternity, volunteers with the LIFT program, is a student leader for Alabama Action, and participates in intramurals. He is hoping all delegates gain something from the experience of being a nation in DISEC, and enjoy what will be the best ALMUN yet!

Co-Chair: Ethan Reeves

Ethan Reeves is a freshman from New Hampshire, who is majoring in Electrical Engineering.  This is Ethan’s first experience with Model UN, but he has a deep love of current events and public speaking from competing in Speech and Debate in high school.  He coached for five years and competed for eight, focusing on Extemporaneous Speaking and Team Policy Debate.  Ethan is a business owner, loves to travel, and has a passion for teaching.  Ethan is looking forward to meeting all of the ALMUN delegates, and is excited to dig into our fascinating topics with them.

Letter from the Chair

Dear Delegates,


I would like to welcome you to the University of Alabama and our 10th Model United Nations Conference. We are excited to have you for what will be three days of engaging debate about pertinent global issues. My name is Bill Kolpak, and I will be the committee chair for the Disarmament and International Security Committee. I am a sophomore from Chicago Illinois who is majoring in Finance and Accounting. In addition to the Model United Nations Team, I am involved in the Alabama Action service learning program, the LIFT training program through the business school, and my fraternity Phi Kappa Tau. This will be my second year chairing at ALMUN, and my sixth overall involved in Model United Nations. Throughout high school, I attended many conferences throughout my four years as a delegate, representing many countries in a variety of committees. Through these experiences I gained a wide array of knowledge on many issues, and was fortunate to see them through many different perspectives.

As delegates to the Disarmament and International Security Committee you hold a certain level of responsibility in setting the global tone towards critical issues that threaten the security and stability of every nation. While every individual country will have its own independent interests, the purpose of this global forum is to spark collaborative debate and solve these issues through unity and joint action, which will always be stronger than trying to act alone. Furthermore, when developing your policies and solutions, it is important to think about the widespread ramifications and long term impacts these ideas, or lack thereof, will have not just on your country, but on the world.

With regards to the issues you will be debating through the weekend, they are two that are especially relevant due to the rapidly changing security threats in our world. The first is going to be on State Sponsored Militias and Paramilitaries, and the second will be on the ever evolving role of the Peacekeeper. In the current geopolitical climate, the primary threats of the international community has evolved from independent nation states, to more groups of people that act with a level of independence and a lack of control, such as terrorist groups, paramilitaries, and radical political organizations. These threats are present across the world to a variety of degrees, but their independence poses new challenges for both nations and the United Nations due to the inability to predict their behavior and their irrationality. Both these topics will allow the committee to find solutions to these threats while allow the United Nations and its functions to better serve the global community. If during your research or preparation you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me via email at wlkolpak@crimson.ua.edu Thank you and I look forward to seeing you all in February!



Bill Kolpak


TOPIC A: State Sponsored Paramilitaries and Militias

TOPIC B: Changing the Role of the Peacekeeper

All position papers must be WORD DOCUMENTS

and should be saved as the name of your country or character.