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The Economic and Social Council

The United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) is one of the six main governing bodies of the United Nations and oversees 28 smaller committees on a wide range of specialized topics. The council is responsible for all policies surrounding sustainable development, whether they be economic, social, or environmental. This broad focus means the committee has previously discussed anything from women’s rights to forestry to illegal drug trafficking. This session of ECOSOC will be tasked with tackling complex global problems surrounding food security in the face of climate change and the rise of global poverty after many successful decades of decline.


Aiden Bishop Johnson

Aiden Bishop Johnson is originally from Wisconsin and is currently a freshman at the University of Alabama. He is majoring in International Studies with an academic focus on the Middle East and North Africa while pursuing a minor in Arabic. He has worked as a co-chair at AIRMUNC (Alabama’s collegiate-level conference) and has traveled with the University’s Model UN team, competing in Georgia and Washington D.C. Outside of academics, he likes to spend his time making music with his friends, reading, camping, and boxing. He would be happy to answer any questions about college or the University of Alabama and to take any music recommendations given to him during the conference (all of which he promises to listen to).

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