Alabama Model United Nations X will offer six distinct General Assembly committees.


General Assembly (GA) committees are the most traditional Model United Nations format, in which anywhere from fifteen to over one hundred student Delegates each represent a single United Nations member country while debating pre-assigned topics in a mock United Nations committee. In these committees, it is the task of the Delegates to engage in debate for the purpose of writing and passing a resolution to resolve the topic.


Dear Delegates,

Welcome to ALMUN X! My name is Christine Allen and I am your Under-Secretary-General of General Assemblies for this year’s conference. I am a junior majoring in Political Science and Interdisciplinary Studies and minoring in Spanish. I have been involved in Model United Nations and ALMUN since my freshman year at the University of Alabama. Watching ALMUN grow has been one of the most fulfilling experiences of my college career and I cannot wait to see the wonderful ideas and hard work you will bring to ALMUN X.

Will McSwain is your Assistant Under-Secretary-General of General Assemblies. He is a sophomore majoring in Political Science and minoring in Public Policy and Blount Liberal Arts. This past year was his first year being involved with ALMUN and Model UN, and he has loved it. He has attended two Model UN conferences and chaired for the United Nations Development Program in ALMUN IX. He is looking forward to being Assistant Under-Secretary-General of General Assemblies for ALMUN X.


This year’s conference marks the tenth anniversary of Alabama Model United Nations and we are so excited to offer one of the best conference experiences yet while continuing to grow. This year we will be expanding General Assemblies from five committees to six to include SOCHUM, WHO, DISEC, Security Council, UNHCR, and UNESCO. Each of these committees were chosen to offer unique, timely debate and a fresh perspective specific to ALMUN. We are also excited to announce the theme of this year’s conference, “Prosperity.” Continuing on a tradition we began last year at ALMUN IX, we hope that by providing a central conference theme, we are able to provide delegates with a focal point while stimulating debate unique to each committee. Whether you are discussing cultural prosperity and preservation in UNESCO, or what it means to lead healthy lives in WHO, we are excited to watch you collaborate and debate.

Both Will and I are so excited to meet you and see your hard work and collaboration first-hand. It is our goal to make ALMUN’s tenth anniversary a wonderful experience for all involved. We strongly believe that ALMUN should be an educational experience so should you have any questions before the conference please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to meeting you at ALMUN X.



Christine Allen, Class of 2019

Under-Secretary-General of General Assemblies


William McSwain, Class of 2020

Assistant Under-Secretary-General of General Assemblies

Position Paper Instructions