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Administrative and Budgetary Committee

The United Nations General Assembly Fifth Committee, or the Administrative and Budgetary Committee, is one of the six main committees of the General Assembly, and is tasked with overseeing the management of the United Nations and its associated organizations, as well as the funding of various UN functions, including but not limited to, peacekeeping operations, international justice, administrative duties, and the international board of auditors. The Committee meets during the General Sessions and oversees its various jurisdictions to ensure the will of the General Assembly has the resources and logistical management to be enacted. In this session, the committee shall consider the growing debt crisis amongst third world nations, possible solutions to the stranglehold on economic growth, as well as the neocolonial economic structures that continue to prop up exploitative practices in the Global South.

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Jorge Koichi Ikeda-Sanchez

Jorge Koichi Ikeda-Sanchez is a sophomore undergraduate student and Gandhi-King Scholar at the University of Alabama pursuing a dual degree in Anthropology and Psychology along the STEM to MBA and Pre-Law paths. Jorge has been involved with the Middle Tennessee YMCA Center for Civic Engagement’s Model United Nations programs for multiple years, and has only recently begun working in the AIRC MUN Travel Team. Koichi was born in Cuernavaca, Mexico, a city known as the city of eternal spring for its lush wildlife and pre-hispanic temple ruins. Ikeda-Sanchez grew up mostly in Middle Tennessee after immigrating to the United States, but despises the arrogant and brash orange of the Vols and roots for their downfall every game, for Jorge Koichi Ikeda-Sanchez is a passionate Crimson Tide fan. Roll Tide!

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