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Gotham City

     Gotham City. A city that is seemingly perpetually shrouded in darkness, a city currently rife with crime and corruption, a city believed to be forever cursed. The home to many, was founded by five families that built Gotham into what it is today. Each crafted their own empires and industries, but what happens when one of the pillars holding the city falls? The Wayne family matriarch and patriarch - Martha and Thomas Wayne - were prominent, wealthy Gothamites who spent their lives advancing technology, doing charity work and aiding in public services. Well, that is until the night they were gunned down. The billionaires left behind was their young son, their life's work, and the opportunity for many of the city's prominent figures to vie for the top position of influence within the city. Will the city fall further into disarray or will some individuals who were in the shadows finally be brought to the light? Think of this committee as the origin stories of the heroes, vigilantes, and villains of Gotham City. There will be a constant battle between good and evil. The coming wars pose to threaten the innocence of Gotham's citizens and to compromise the thread-thin integrity of the city as some criminals will fall as casualties while others will rise as super villains. How will you as delegates alter the stories of the many Gothamites and how will the stories' evolution affect the trajectory of the city itself?

Crisis Director
Crystal Nichols

Ben Pendergrass

Crystal is a member of the class of 2024 pursuing a major in Interior Design with a minor in International Relations and completing a graduate degree in the CREATE Path to MBA Program. She is from Montgomery, Alabama and has been involved with Model UN since high school, staffed ALMUN XIV along with AIRMUNC I, II, and III. Crystal also leads the AIRC Model UN Travel Team as the Head Delegate, volunteers with the service and leadership organization Bridge Builders of Alabama, and plans events for UA’s student body as an Event Programmer. Outside of school, Crystal can be found reading fantasy novels, scrolling Tik Tok, or watching all of the MCU in chronological order, She is excited to see delegates this spring and is thrilled to be serving as your Crisis Director for Gotham City!

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