The United Nations Security Council consists of 15 member states and is primarily responsible for obtaining and maintaining international peace. The council identifies the existence of threats to international peace and provides recommendations for their peaceful resolution. The UNSC has the power to implement sanctions and authorize the use of force in order to maintain international peace.

Co-Chair: Samuel Reece

Sam Reece is a freshman majoring in Political Science from Montevallo, AL. He participated ALMUN for two years in high school and is excited to work with all the delegates in the Securtiy Council this year.

Chair: Aaron Fox 

Aaron Fox is a quadruple major pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Philosophy and a Bachelor of Science in Economics and Finance. He is the acting Director of Academic Programs for the Office of the Vice President of Academic Affairs in the Student Government Association, a Vice-President and Lieutenant Governor in Alpha Mu Omega and CircleK International respectively, and somehow maintains an active social life on campus.
He spent all four years of high school participating in Model United Nations. When not juggling classes and extracurriculars he likes short naps, eating really unhealthy food because cooking takes hours, and pondering how excited he is for ALMUN.

Co-Chair: Dalton Grangier

Dalton Grainger is from Prattville, Alabama. He is currently a freshman majoring in Economics and Spanish with aspirations to become an international lawyer. He really enjoys playing guitar, studying languages, and brewing coffee in his free time. He participated in M.U.N. on the high school level for three years and loved every minute of it. He hopes to make ALMUN X an awesome experience!

Letter from the Chair

 Greetings Delegates,


My name is Aaron Fox and I’ll be your Chair, working alongside Co-Chairs Dalton Granger and Samuel Reece, for Security Council at ALMUN this year. I’m a sophomore at Alabama this year pursuing a Double Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy and Political Science and a Double Bachelor of Science in Economics and Finance. This is my sixth year participating in ALMUN in some capacity – my second year on staff after four years as a delegate. Throughout the time I’ve been involved in the conference I’ve watched in grow and change, from the addition of crisis committees several years ago to the creation of an all-encompassing conference theme. Although it may sound cliché, this is the most excited I’ve been for ALMUN yet.


The staff for Security Council has worked diligently to craft a topic for you that we feel pushes the limits of countries in the Security Council. As a staff, we were intentional in focusing on topics other than ideas that are traditionally associated with Security Council.  The final topic dealing with the situation in Venezuela definitely fits that description. As delegates you won’t just be asked to tackle issues that just affect the balance of power in the current world order but will be expected to weigh issues that deal with the fundamental principles nations are founded on in the world. When is it appropriate for organization in the world to intervene in a sovereign nation? What does it mean for a nation to democratize? What value should the world place on self-determination? Through intellectual debate with some twists thrown in along the way we hope that you’ll come to a strong consensus as a body on these issues and take something with you beyond the committee room.


Aaron Fox



TOPIC A: The Situation in Venezuela

All position papers must be WORD DOCUMENTS

and should be saved as the name of your country or character.