Jon will be serving as the assistant crisis director for "Back in the USSA." Having received his bachelor's degree in chemical engineering last May, he's taking one last year at school in order to get his MBA. Jon is no stranger to ALMUN, serving as Under-Secretary of Operations in 2015 and as Sectetary-General in 2016. He looks forward to taking part in the conference one last time before starting life in the real world.


Back in the USSA - Communist America 1915

Brothers and Sisters, welcome to an America reborn. While our First Revolution overthrew the tyranny of kings, our Second Revolution has accomplished an even greater feat: every man is now a king. No longer shall the robber barons and corrupt politicians exploit the fruits of our labor and the sweat of our brow. We now control the means of production, and our destinies, in this brave new world of liberty, equality, and brotherhood. Though we are beset on all sides by imperialist foes and threatened internally by reactionary traitors, we shall show not waver in our resolve. Our shining city on a hill shall serve as a beacon to the hungry, the poor, and the victims of oppression. We will show the world the true potential of the great experiment that is the United Socialist States of America. Long Live the Revolution.



Robert is a second year law student from Eufaula, Alabama. He has been involved with AIRC since his freshman year at Alabama, going to a dozen conferences (in which he's been in a Russian committee WAY too many times for a normal person) and participating as a Crisis Director in the last two ALMUNs. He's interested in alternate history fiction, jurisprudence, and Game of Thrones fan theories.

Back in the USSA

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Mary Lauren Palmer is a sophomore at UA. She is majoring in International Relations and German with a French minor. She is from Birmingham, Alabama. She joined the International Relations Club last year, and she has been doing Model UN ever since. Model UN has taken her to Chicago and to Washington D.C. so far. This past summer she studied in Berlin, and she plans to move back next year. She cannot wait to get Back in the USSA with you guys. Bis dann!




Joseph is very excited to be chairing his first crisis committee at ALMUN! Never having participated in Model UN until January 2016, Joseph has proven to be a valuable asset to the Alabama Model UN delegation, attending WUMUNC (Furs, Guns, and Blood – The Iroquois League 1640), ChoMUN (The Salomon Brothers), and CMUNNY (Launching a New Era: Space Race JCC – Soviet Space Program) in the last year, placing in two of three of his committees. Following participating in WUMUNC, Joseph was bitten by the MUN bug, and applied to be crisis staff on the Russian Revolution JCC at ALMUN 2016. Outside of the Alabama International Relations Club and the MUN world, Joseph’s passions include classical music, participating in several university ensembles as well as regularly attending concerts at Moody Music Building, and anything that has to do with Russia/Eastern Europe, serving as President of the Russia and Eastern Europe Club on campus. He is a double major in International Studies and Political Science and a minor in Russian, so his life is a never-ending deluge of reading (#Realist). Outside of his academics and extracurricular activities, he enjoys photography (follow him on Instagram), watching YouTube (#TeamMarkandEthan), watching a couple of TV shows, namely House of Cards and his newest obsession, Westworld, and wishing he were married to Troye Sivan.


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