Whitney Cravens, Secretary-General of ALMUN IX.



Delegates, sponsors, and distinguished guests,

Welcome to ALMUN IX! This year, the Ninth Annual Alabama Model United Nations Conference will be held from February 3rd–5th, 2017, on the beautiful campus of the University of Alabama.  We are so excited to offer high school students from across the country a unique opportunity to increase their awareness of international issues, develop their public speaking skills, make friends, and so much more.

My name is Whitney Cravens and I am honored and humbled to serve as ALMUN IX’s Secretary-General. This is my fifth year competing in Model United Nations, which has only furthered my heart for the world and allowed me to see more of it through traveling to competitions from coast to coast and even to Lima, Peru.  Last year I served as USG of Crisis Committees, and my freshman year I had the pleasure of acting as co-chair for Crisis in Camelot: Kennedy Administration. I am a junior here at UA pursuing a dual degree in political science and business management, and I am so excited to share the campus that has become home for me with each of you in February. Without further ado, I will let my partner in crime and Director-General, David Swayne, introduce herself:

Hi everyone! My name is David Swayne, and I am going to be your Director-General this year! I am a sophomore majoring in English, and I have been involved in Model United Nations since I was a freshman in high school! Last year, I was the chair of SOCHUM, so some of you returning to ALMUN may recognize me! I am looking forward to seeing all of you at our conference this year, and I hope we exceed all of your expectations!

We are pleased to announce that Registration for ALMUN IX is now open. You can find more information on our conference at our newly revamped website, www.almun.org, and be sure to register by January 15th under the tab “Registration."  This year, we are proud to offer a thematic experience in our five general assemblies surrounding the topic of “Movement."  In a rapidly changing world where borders are relative, what exactly is moving across borders? We believe this unifying theme will enable delegates to swap ideas and spur conversations outside of committee, while reinforcing the importance of a vast array of pertinent global issues.

Our crisis branch will offer an equally enthralling and dynamic committee experience. This year, we are bringing back our Ad Hoc crisis committee, where delegates will face the ultimate challenge by not finding out their topic or their character until the first day of committee. Delegates and sponsors alike can also look forward to a committee that challenges our very perception of communism in 1920s America, and another two committees tied together through a Joint Crisis-- Greece and Egypt just may never be the same.

In February, we are planning to introduce several new innovations in programming that we hope will make our conference more convenient and inspiring, including an array of dining options, student and guest speaking panels, and up-to-the-minute social media. You can keep up with our updates to the conference, including background guides for committees, open letters from our chairs and crisis directors, and other important information to prepare delegates and advisors for the conference, at our official website, almun.org.  

Our team is dedicated to improving and expanding ALMUN to be the best Model UN conference you’ll experience! We look forward to seeing all of you in February!

Whitney Cravens
University of Alabama ‘18

David Swayne
University of Alabama ‘19

David Swayne, Director-General of ALMUN IX.

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