SOCHUM is the Third Committee of the General Assembly and focuses on issues ranging across social, humanitarian affairs and human rights issues internationally. SOCHUM also addresses cultural issues related to minority groups (including women, children, refugees, and indigenous issues), the promotion of fundamental freedoms, and social development issues. Historically, the committee has addressed issues such as refugee treatment, racial discrimination, women’s rights and advancement, protection of youth, right to self-determination, indigenous issues, crime prevention, and international drug control.

*This committee will comprise double delegations.

​      Topic A: Climate Change Displacement and the Impending Refugee Crisis
​     Topic B: Globalization and Cultural Exchange


Social, Humanitarian, and Cultural Committee (SOCHUM)

Maria is a freshman originally from Lowell, Michigan majoring in both Telecommunications and Film and International Studies with a minor in Spanish. She is excited to start work at ALMUN IX!



Christine is a sophomore from Auburn, Alabama. She is currently double majoring in Political Science and Interdisciplinary Studies designing a depth study in the politics of climate change and she is minoring in Spanish. This is her second year as a staff member for ALMUN and her second year participating in AIRC and Model UN. Outside of AIRC she is a member of the Honors College, the College of Arts and Sciences Academic Honor Council, the Emerging Scholars Program conducting research in climate change communication and risk perception, and she is a Moral Forum Scholar for the 2016 Moral Forum Debates. Her hobbies include horseback riding and belting along with the radio. She is very excited to be chairing SOCHUM for ALMUN this year!

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