Liam Chew, a freshman hailing from Tennessee, is quite enthusiastic about being on staff for this crisis committee. Outside of spending long hours on his chemical engineering degree, Liam has enjoyed his trips with Alabama's Model UN team, travelling to Boston and Philadelphia during his first three months here.

Co-Chair:Emily Hillhouse

Max Hill is a third year law student on track to graduate in 2016, after being at UA and a part of AIRC since 2008. Outside of ALMUN, his interests include baseball, constitutional law, and international conflict. He is very excited to be able to rejoin ALMUN staff this year and see how much has changed and grown in the conference since it began, and look forwards to getting on the other side of the MUN experience this year as a member of crisis staff. 

Emily Hillhouse is very excited that she will be co-chairing this committee.  A freshman double majoring in Nutrition and Psychology, Emily also enjoys  international relations,  eating, watching Netflix, and playing tennis.

Crisis Director: Robert Hannah

Chair: Alexis Unger

Alexis Unger, Chair of the Kim Jong Un Crisis Committee, is a Master's student in Applied Economics, and is extremely excited to be leading this committee's discussion. She has participated in Model UN since 8th grade as a delegate, chair, cochair, and USG. She has travelled to Brussels and Montreal with UA's Model UN team. She enjoys learning about intersectional feminism, drinking ungodly amounts of coffee, and doing yoga. Next year, she will be working at Ernst & Young in New York City doing Business Consulting for Financial Institutions.

Robert Hannah is a first-year law student with an undergraduate background in Economics & Finance from Eufuala, AL. He has been involved with AIRC as its Vice President, has been to 10 conferences as a delegate, and has participated in two ALMUNs as a crisis director. In his spare time he enjoys grand strategy games, fantasy novels, and reading entertaining opinions by Judge Posner.

Assistant Crisis Director: Max Hill

The Inner Circle of Kim Jong-Un

North Korea. This secretive state, ruled with an iron fist by Kim Jong-Un, is the world's last bastion of Stalinism. Yet being revered as a god by many of his countrymen, one man cannot manage every aspect of such a barely functional country. A good ruler surrounds himself with experienced and capable advisors, and Kim Jong-Un is no different in this regard. Delegates in this committee will make up such an inner circle, managing the affairs of North Korea under the watchful eye of an absolute dictator. Yet with great power comes great responsibility and great danger. Will delegates assist Kim Jong-Un in continuing to oppress the North Korean people and keep their tenuous hold on power? Will they seek the deposal of this despot and attempt to liberate their countrymen? Any of these events, and many more, are possible. Anything can happen. Just remember, what happens in the DPRK stays in the DPRK.  The Crisis Director is Robert Hannah and the Crisis Co- Director is Max Hill. The Chair is Alexis Unger and the Co- Chair is Emily Hillhouse. Helping in the crisis room is Crisis Staff Member Liam Chew.

Crisis Room Staffer: Liam Chew

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