Kara Fadanelli: Chair

​Kara Fadanelli is a Junior at the University of Alabama.  She is double majoring in Chemistry and Spanish and hopes to become attend medical school.  This is her second time participating in an ALMUN conference.  When Kara isn’t studying she enjoys napping, watching tv, drinking starbucks, and pretending to be Beyonce.

Taebryanna Sims: Co-Chair

Hi! My name is Taebryanna Sims, and I’m currently a second year student with a major in International Studies and a minor in French. Although I have learned that I probably chose the most inconspicuous of all majors, I really love what I’m doing, and hopefully I gain enough skills to go to law school when I graduate in a few years (cross your fingers!). This is my first year as a member of the staff here at ALMUN, and I am so excited to have my first experience as co-chair for this amazing committee! So, I hope you guys are ready for a wild adventure, because I’m so ready to meet everyone and have an amazing time!

Sarah Forland: Crisis Staff

Atlantis: The Lost Evidence

Margie Powers: Crisis Staff

Alex Goff: Crisis Co-Director

My name is Alex Goff and after five years on hell I have returned with only one goal in mind, to save this conference. I’m 21 years old and was born in Arkansas as a child of the military but lived most of my life in Montgomery, AL. I’m a mechanical engineering major with a minor in mathematics, but I have a passion for Model UN. I’ve been doing it since I was a freshman in high school. I’m somewhat involved on campus, being a member of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) and the professional co-ed engineering fraternity Theta Tau. But in order to make this conference great, I have to become someone else. I have to become something else. I have to be the Assistant Crisis Director.
(Props to you if you get the tv show reference that I based this entire blurb on)

Blair Morrison: Crisis Director

​​Blair Morrison is a sophomore at UA double majoring in marine science and biology and triple minoring in the Blount Undergraduate Initiative, French and geology. She hails from a tiny town in the rolling hills of the Kentucky Bluegrass, but (ironically) she has always dreamed of the sea. Fueled by a mildly troubling addiction to hot pretzels, her love of Disney, Big Bang Theory, eclectic music, and hot herbal teas, she spends her days attempting to find Nemo, painting with all the colors of the wind, and trying to save the world singlehandedly. This is her second year being involved with the Alabama International Relations Club; she is so excited to share her love of the ocean, her passion for model UN and an interactive committee environment with the delegates in February!

When a mysterious stone tablet is found in the bottom of the Black Sea, the world revels in the discovery; little known to the public, the tablet is the first clue in an ancient treasure map set forth by the infamous philosopher Plato. As an expert team assembles from all corners of the globe to unravel the mystery, the international community begins to realize that there may be more to the stories than meets the eye. Personal convictions, political ties and moral strength will be tested to the brink under the crushing depths of the deep sea in the greatest archaeological search ever conducted. After this adventure, Atlantis may not be so mythical after all.  The Crisis Director is Blair Morrison and the Crisis Co- Directors is Alex Goff. The Chair is Kara Fadenelli and the Co- Chair is Taebryanna Sims. Helping in the crisis room is Crisis Staff Members Margie Powers, Jackson Knappen, and Sarah Forland.


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