Jonathan is a sophomore majoring in International Studies who didn't turn in a bio. His enigmatic personality will flawlessly guide you through the nefarious doings of the Secret Society of Super Villains.

Spencer Adams is a first year freshman at The University of Alabama. He is from Montgomery, AL and has taken part in numerous MUN conferences in years past. He served as a delegate at ALMUN the past two years in DISEC and the Hunger Games Crisis. He has also participated in NHSMUN as a delegate and will serve as an Assistant Director for the upcoming conference. He is currently majoring in Accounting and minoring in History and plans to pursue a law degree in the future. He enjoys music, sports, and long walks on the beach (ok maybe one of those was not completely true…). Spencer is looking forward to ALMUN 2015 and is excited about interacting with his delegates!

Mia is a sophomore from Oswego, Illinois (that's a town about 45 minutes outside Chicago that is nothing like Chicago, so don't get excited). Majoring in biology and minoring in international studies, she hopes to eventually pursue a career in public health. ChoMUN last year was her first conference ever, but rest assured - she learned from hosting ALMUN last year and is currently researching everything there is to know about Justice League.

Bethany Carter is a senior double-majoring in Political Science and Classics with an interest in non-profits and public service. She joined AIRC last fall and had her first MUN experience at NCSC in Washington, DC last November. When not doing school work, she enjoys volunteering at various organizations around Tuscaloosa, hanging out with international students, and salsa and ballroom dancing on the weekends.

Blair Morrison is a freshman at UA double majoring in marine science and biology (because she’s required to) and triple minoring in Blount, French and geology (because she is partially crazy). She hails from a tiny town in the rolling hills of the Kentucky Bluegrass and can always be counted on to tell a good chicken story. Somewhat ironically, she has always dreamed of the sea, earning her a SCUBA diving certification and the endearing nickname ‘Dolphin Girl’. Fueled by a mildly troubling addiction to hot pretzels, her love of Disney, Big Bang Theory, eclectic music, and hot herbal teas, she spends her days attempting to find Nemo, painting with all the colors of the wind, and trying to save the world singlehandedly. This is her first year being involved with the Alabama International Relations Club; she attended Georgetown’s NCSC conference last semester and can’t wait to travel with IRC again.

Kara is a sophomore from Kalamazoo, Michigan majoring in Biology and International Studies on a Pre-Med track. Aside from her participation in the International Relations Club, she serves as both a Freshman Advisor and member of the University of Alabama Dance Marathon (UADM) team. She is excited to be working at ALMUN for the first time this year and can't wait for an amazing committee!

Brian is a senior from Birmingham, Alabama, studying Geography and Creative Writing. When he played high school football, he was once rated as a better player than Christion Jones-- this event was the peak of his life thus far. He plays Dungeon & Dragons and enjoys live- texting freestyle raps, especially when sent over GroupMe. He sleeps in a batman onesie.

Tessa Hawkins is the Assistant Director for the Justice League Crisis Committee. She's an International Studies major from Huntsville, Alabama. She has absolutely no MUN experience but is looking forward to gaining some! She likes to read and attempt to knit, with varying levels of success.

SSS Co- Chair: Blair Morrison

SSS Chair: Jonathan Joyner

Secret Society of Super Villains

Justice League Chair: Spencer Adams

Justice League Co- Chair: Kara Fadenelli

Crisis Staff: Bethany Carter

Crisis Staff: Mia McClintic

Crisis Co- Director: Tessa Hawkins

Crisis Director: Brian Crooks

Justice League

Justice League Joint Crisis Committee

There are heroes. There are villains. Sometimes, the lines which divide the two are blurred. When the world's Darkest Knight falls, who will rise to protect it? Heroes will be lost in the struggle for justice. Villains will rise in the conflict for power. Leagues will meet. Societies will from. The greatest battle will ensue. When the world's protectors are laid at their weakest, when there is no silent guardian watching over them, how will the heroes stop the world from plunging into the grasp of evil? So, whose side are you on-- Justice League, or Secret Society of Super Villains? 

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