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Specialized Agency Committees

The Specialized Agencies branch of ALMUN XIV offers four engaging committees on a range of topics through its blend of both Crisis Committees and General Assemblies. This branch’s unique approach to parliamentary procedure provides delegates with the opportunity to explore different aspects of Model UN while strengthening their interpersonal skills and gaining knowledge of international affairs. With the variety of different committees offered, delegates are sure to be engaged in challenging and exciting debate throughout the entirety of the conference.

General Assembly Committees

General Assembly Committees are various branches of the main legislative and policy making division of the United Nations, the United Nations General Assembly. The General Assembly is comprised of 30 committees (4 main committees, 6 commissions, 7 boards, 4 councils, and 1 board, as well as various other subsidy organs. These organs work together to create the legislation and policy put out by the UN and focus on issues that pertain to the world and directly affect the member states of the United Nations. Each general assembly committee has its own unique role, but all have the common goal to create solutions to solve the world’s most pressing issues, as well implementing sustainable development goals that the United Nations has laid out in their respective policies.

Crisis Committees

Crisis committees are dynamic committees designed to challenge delegates to think creatively. These committees are structured differently from General Assemblies in terms of committee flow and parliamentary procedure. Some aspects that set these committees apart are the usage of crisis notes and crisis updates. Delegates use crisis notes as a way to influence committee and respond to crisis updates– every delegate has their own special set of powers, abilities, and/or responsibilities that they can utilize to shape the way in which committee flows. Crisis committees push delegates to think on their feet as they come up with solutions to the unique problems they’re presented. 

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