God Gold and Glory: The Age of Exploration

Each of you will have a chance at changing America’s future, so it’s important to speak up for what your character believes in and do your best to get your agenda completed. I expect for this committee to reach the goal of electing an Illuminati-favored candidate for president–how we get there will be up to the decisions you make as a committee. In order to fully participate, each delegate should be familiar with their character’s general views and backgrounds, as well as the specific information that will be handed to you in the dossiers. Use this intel wisely, and you could end up at the top of the pyramid. I would say I can’t wait to see what happens, but the Illuminati knows all. Omnis vir enim sui!


The year is 1490, and the Kingdom of Portugal is a leading European power in economic, political, and cultural influence. With the discovery of the Cape of Good Hope, new trade routes are becoming readily available for the benefit of merchants across Europe. Following 1453, and the loss of Constantinople to the Ottoman empire, European trade has been blocked from the Middle East. Portugal is racing to establish new trade routes, colonize new lands, and spread the word of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Yet our nation is not the only one seeking dominance across the globe...


Delegates will see tensions rise from the actions they take in the expansion of the Portuguese influence. Potential threats to the security of this empire range from piracy, ill-forged treaties, neighboring nations, and even their own subjects. Handling these conflicts with the grace of a monarch will preserve the legacy of Portugal and men for posterity. 


The committee will consist of explorers, financiers, missionaries, conquistadors, and merchants under the lead of King John II.  The ultimate objective: cement Portugal as the dominant sea power and colonizer and fight for God, Gold and Glory!

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