The Black Hand: WWI Spy Ring

The year is 1914 and Franz Ferdinand has just been assassinated. Chaos erupts across Europe after Austria-Hungary declares war on Serbia, and there is one group that couldn’t be happier about it-- the Black Hand. Delegates in this committee will be acting as the top members of the Black Hand, the group responsible for the assassination of Franz Ferdinand and many of the other chaotic events to come. With their many contacts and secret connections, this group of elite spies will be working to influence how WWI is going to go. They will be using their connections to decide who to help, as well as who to hurt. These spies have to play it safe, because the last thing that they want is to get caught. Delegates must use their resources wisely in order to make this war go their way. They also have to be careful who they trust though, because you never know if there could be a traitor amongst them...

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Crisis Director:

Trinity Donnellan

Signal Mountain, TN


Assistant Crisis Director:

Hannah Smith

Morristown, TN



Madeeha Aziz

Memphis, TN 



Devin Thompson

Crisis Staffer:

Cadence Kupfner

Crisis Staffer:

Lucy Phillips

Crisis Staffer:

Callie Mastin

Crisis Staffer:

Trace Thompson