His Majesty's Privy Council: Colonial America 

His Majesty King James I, after several failed attempts, has successfully established the first English colony in North America: Jamestown, Virginia. Since the New World’s discovery in 1492, a multitude of European powers have scrambled to establish a presence. Perhaps the biggest threat to English hegemony in the New World is Spain, with a relatively established presence in the Caribbean, as well as North and South America. Other foreign powers that compete for New World colonies include the United Provinces and the French. While His Majesty’s Privy Council was not officially created until 1708, this committee will take on the role of what the Privy Council was informally, before its official establishment. This council is charged with conducting the affairs of England’s New World pursuits in an effort to establish military and economic control over the region. In doing so, the Council will pave the way for English dominance back in Europe, as well as sow the seeds for a global empire.

Background Guide