People Power Revolution

Under the presidency of Ferdinand Marcos, the Filipino people have endured decades of oppressive and autocratic rule. Citizens amassed and protested economic strife only to see their leader suppress them by initiating martial law. Marcos, although term limited, steered a constitutional convention so that he will be able to hold onto power for years to come. Political opponents have been exiled, arrested, or removed from office. Senator Ninoy Aquino, a staunch critic of Marcos, returned to the Philippines only to be assassinated. Enough is enough. The people have now voted in a snappresidential election and are awaiting declaration of their next leader. Marcos called this election a year ahead of schedule to reinforce his legitimacy—Corazon Aquino, wife of the late Senator Aquino, hopes to bring the Philippines into a better tomorrow. Will Marcos continue forward as the chief executive? How can this committee of community leaders, activists, and other dissenters democratize the nation? If Marcos is overthrown, how will a new government avoid utter collapse? The People Power Revolution will forever shape the future for the Republic of the Philippines!

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Crisis Director
Tyler Tannehill

Dylan Davis

Tyler Tannehill is a senior majoring in Political Science and History. His hometown is Mobile, Alabama. Tyler served as a Co-Chair in the ALMUN XII Designated Survivor Committee as well as Crisis Director for the ALMUN XIV Five Nights at Freddy’s Committee. On campus, he is a senator in the Student Government Association and Director of Community Partnership with the Queer Student Association. On his free time, Tyler enjoys playing horror games and exploring nature. Tyler is beyond excited to see
how delegates will lead the Philippines into a new era through the People Power Revolution!