Five Nights at Freddy's

Find yourself in Utah’s newly launched Fazbear Entertainment, a family-friendly establishment for adults and kids to celebrate…but something isn’t quite right. Children are disappearing at birthday parties. The animatronics are seemingly becoming more and more aggressive. Parents are petrified, denying that their sons and daughters are lost forever. The Missing Children Incident is certainly threatening company profits and even the very future of Fazbear Entertainment. Now more than ever, William Afton is key to the company’s success given his indispensable expertise in engineering.  Will the board of directors raise Fazbear Entertainment as the most successful family entertainment company of the 1980’s, or will they have to close their doors as the public fears that their children will meet the same fates as those wandering the rooms of Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria?

Crisis Director
Tyler Tannehill

Tyler Tannehill is in his junior year at the University of Alabama, majoring in Political Science and History. Born in Mobile, Alabama, he started competing in Model UN through his high school’s hosted conference. Tyler helped staff ALMUN XII as well as AIRMUNC I, and now he is more than thrilled to launch this horror-fantasy committee as Crisis Director! When Tyler isn’t competing on behalf of the university, he goes on spontaneous trips to explore nature, tries hard to expand his indie music playlist, and plays horror games in his free time. Tyler is so excited to see what the delegates have in store for ALMUN XIV’s Five Nights at Freddy’s Committee!


William Blankenship

William Blankenship is a sophomore here at the Capstone. He is pursuing a degree in mechanical engineering major with a minor in political science. William is in his second year of collegiate model UN and has years of prior high school experience. He is so excited and honored to fulfill this position and help bring this committee to you all! He cannot wait to meet you if you make it through the night….