An Empire of Eagles: The Napoleonic Wars 1804-1807

It is May 18th, 1804 C.E., and all of Europe has its eyes latched on France, under the leadership of Napoleon Bonaparte, the young First Consul of France. Claiming to be the revolution itself, Napoleon has ambitious goals for France and for Europe at large. Yet with the declaration of war by Britain a year ago, Europe has once again plunged into conflict, and factions are beginning to be formed. At this turning point in history, will Europe witness the growth of the French state and the expansion of Liberté, Égalité, and Fraternite to Europeans everywhere, or will the glory of Napoleon and the ideals of the Revolution die? Will the men and women of the Empire work together to create a grand future for France, or be caught up in personal rivalries and affairs? It is up to the military high command under Napoleon and other high-ranking officials within the Empire to interpret and execute Napoleon’s orders, both in and out of battle, to bring glory to France. Vive La France!


Crisis Director
Daniel Cooper

Daniel Cooper is a sophomore from Jacksonville, Florida, majoring in History and minoring in German, with hopes to obtain a master's degree in history with a specialization in Central European military history and tactics from 1750-1850 and the military and cultural relationship of the Rheinische Bundesstaaten (specifically Baden-Würtemburg) with the First French Empire by the end of his first four years. Daniel's ultimate goal is to become either a lawyer or a professor of history. Daniel has been a part of Model United Nations for 6 years, participating in numerous conferences around the eastern United States. Outside of the Alabama International Relations Club, Daniel likes to volunteer at local food drives in Tuscaloosa, read books about military, political, and economic history, and write short stories based on alternate history scenarios. Despite owning Hearts of Iron 4 for three years, he can't win with any of the major powers. Or any power, for that matter.


Emily Smith

Emily is your chair for the Napoleonic Wars Crisis Committee. She is so excited to see all of you and hear some riveting debate! Emily is a current sophomore at the University of Alabama majoring in International Studies with a triple minor in Arabic, Blount Scholars Program, and Counterterrorism on the Pre-Law track. She loves all things foreign policy! Her favorite spot on campus is Gorgas Library, and her favorite Tuscaloosa restaurant is Veracruz Mexican Grill, both of which you have to check out while you're here. Emily is also always down to hear dad jokes from the delegation. She has been doing Model United Nations for 4 years now, and Emily regards it as a core part of her life. MUN has shaped Emily's career, collegiate schedule, and even her friend groups into some amazing things. Emily attended ALMUN in high school and fell completely in love with it, and she hopes you do too! She can't wait to see you in action at ALMUN XIV!