Avatar: The Last Airbender

Nearly a decade ago, Avatar Aang, Katara and Sokka of the Southern Water Tribe, Toph Beifong of the Earth Kingdom, Fire Lord Zuko of the Fire Nation, and Suki the Kyoshi Warrior, successfully ended the century-long war between the Fire Nation and the Earth Kingdom. Withthe defeat of Fire Lord Ozai, peace was established at long last throughout the world. However, with the Avatar now missing, tensions between the Fire Nation and Earth Kingdom growing, and non-benders growing increasingly hostile to their fellow bender citizens; the world teeters closer to war after what feels like only a mere moment of peace. Called by Avatar Aang’s wife, Katara, delegates take the role of representatives from the varying nations to address the crisis that the Avatar’s disappearance has thrown the world in to. Will you be able to successfully dissuade a conflict between the nations? Or, will the world be once again faced with war? It is up to the delegates to decide the fate of the nations. The Last Airbender did not ignore his call to restore balance, will you?

This committee is advanced and will be run at a faster pace; it is recommended that inexperienced delegates do not participate.


Crisis Director 
Ashlynn Lussier

Colleen Rhein

Ashlynn is a senior from Yorktown, VA majoring in History with a concentration in Public History and a double minor in Classical Civilization and Public Policy Studies. As a member of the Alabama International Relations Club, she has served in multiple capacities within the club; acting as the Director-General for UA's collegiate conference, AIRMUNC III, and the co-head delegate for the Model United Nations travel team. As a previous Secretariat member for ALMUN XIV, Ashlynn is extremely excited to get to participate in the conference again, as a Senior Staffer. The Avatar the Last Airbender committee is definitely a passion project for her, and she cannot wait to see how delegates bring their own creativity into committee! Outside of Model United Nations, Ashlynn enjoys rock climbing, running, reading, and playing piano. She is very excited to welcome delegates to the Capstone in the spring. Roll Tide!