Live Like a Republican, Vote Like a Democrat: The Second Administration of Bill Clinton (UNSC)

Fresh off a successful reelection in 1996, President Bill Clinton looks to expand upon what he started in his first term, but many challenges await. Internally, calls of corruption and illegal activities in the Clinton campaign and administration emerge, while internationally, foreign threats emerge to challenge U.S. interests and ideals. Delegates will take the roles of President Clinton’s cabinet members, military leaders, and closest advisors and confidants and attempt to steer the president through a number of issues, including foreign enemies, the early years of NAFTA, and the allegations and accusations that may one day leave a tattered stain on the political legacy of William Jefferson Clinton.

ALMUN recommends that schools place their more experienced delegates in this committee.


Chair/Crisis Director
Drew St. Charles

Drew St. Charles is a senior from Nashville, TN, majoring in Marketing and Political Science. He is also working towards his Masters in Political Science through the Accelerated Masters Program. He previously served as an Associate Justice with SGA’s Student Judiciary, and is currently the President of the International Relations Club, a member of the Advisory Council on Wellness, and a brother of Phi Sigma Kappa. Outside of his classwork, Drew enjoys hanging out with friends, listening to music, and traveling. This is Drew's second time staffing ALMUN, and he looks forward to serving the US Security Council committee!


Co-Chair/Assistant Crisis Director
Brett Bonikowski

Brett Bonikowski is so excited to be the Co-Chair and Assistant Crisis Director for ALMUN XIV's United Nations Security Council!