The Disarmament and International Securities Committee

The Disarmament and International Security Committee (DISEC) is the first of the four main committees of the United Nations General Assembly. DISEC focuses on maintaining international security, ensuring peace, and fostering international cooperation. The General Assembly will debate the controversial issue of nuclear disarmament versus international parity in nuclear force, as well as the evolving concerns of cybersecurity in developing nations. How do those nations without the capacity for nuclear development fare in a world of continuing proliferation? How can any non-proliferation agreements be enforced against influential nuclear powers? DISEC must also consider a newer method of conflict in the technology age: cybersecurity. Recent years have seen increasing government and private hacks, which endanger information security and economic processes. Delegates must consider the threats posed by poor cybersecurity in nations with nascent technological development, as well as the implications for the international community at-large.

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Ethan Enfinger

     Ethan is a Senior from Montgomery, Alabama studying political science and philosophy while also working on his Master of Public Administration through UA’s Accelerated Master’s Program. His primary areas of interest are international law, political attitudes, labor policy,political philosophy, and ethics. He aspires to one day work as a public interest attorney. In his free time, Ethan can be found training in Olympic weightlifting, paddleboarding, and practicing piano.