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Press Corps Virtual Conference Update

PLEASE READ ALL THE BELOW INFORMATION. Any questions can be directed to Shrishti Dubey, USG-Press Corps.

Forms of Media

  • No taking photography or video

    • Based on the Zoom format, there will be no photography or video taken during the committee sessions. Any photos for articles should be publicly available on the web or through Canva

  • One Graphic Report will still be required through Canva

    • We recommend you make a free account on Canva and look over its features before the conference.

    • Canva is a very intuitive website and delegates will have creative freedom in the formats of their Graphic Reports.

  • Final Video presentation

    • The final video summary will no longer be the full responsibility of Press Corps delegates.

    • The final video will now double as the video for closing ceremonies. The responsibility of delegates will be to create the elements for the video, which will be constructed by Press Corps staff. These elements will include interesting photos on the committee subjects and voice-overs on Voice Memo apps. The delegates who observed the committees will need to write-up a summary of subjects, alliances, and happenings of those committees. These will then need to be recorded by one of the observing delegates on Voice Memos and sent to the Press Corps staff.

Rules and Procedures

  • Delegates will be allowed to work on articles while they are observing committees.

  • More details about zoom and rules will be given at the conference. Any questions can be answered during the first committee session.

Committee Structure

  • No rotating committees:

    • In light of the reduced time frame for the conference, delegates will be assigned to one committee for the full duration of the conference.

  • 1st session: 

    • This session will involve delegates introducing their news sources and campaigning for committees according to the Background Guide. Any procedural questions can also be answered in this time

    • With time remaining after the campaigning, the delegates can do a Q&A with certain members of the ALMUN XIV Secretariat

  • 2nd-4th session:

    • Each session will start with a short (30 sec per speaker) Roll Call on the summary of observed events or predictions. 

    • Delegates will be released to observe committees following the Roll Call. They must return with 30 minutes remaining to complete and edit articles

  • Op-eds are still required

    • They can be from the POV of reporter about an issue they observed or about the conference as a whole.

    • The Op-ed length requirement has been modified to between 500 and 750 words.

    • Op-eds must now be completed at the end of the final committee session.

  • Final session

    • This session will involve constructing the elements of the Final Video and putting finishing touches on the Op-eds

Committee Involvement

  • Observing capacity

    • Due to the changes in medium and time frame of the conference, Press Corps will no longer be participating in the back room and procedural activities of other committees (i.e. crisis updates, etc.). Delegates will act in a strictly observatory capacity.

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