Opening ceremony at Grand Hyatt, Palm D'or ballroom at 6:30. FOR MORE INFO: call menna shoman  0122338360


ALMUN's Organizing Committee (OC)
Head of the OC: Menna Shoman
Deputy Head of the OC: Hania Badawi
We would like to assure you that as ALMUN enters its 9th year, the OC enters a whole new level of professionalism, efficiency and creativity. ALMUN has been always known for being the largest and oldest students� activity on campus and has been also known for having the most professional OC. This year the OC has started working towards achieving even higher professionalism accompanied by providing more services to the delegates along with a fun program and a charity project. Our goal this year is simply illustrated in the OC�s theme.
The theme is �WE impress, we inspire, we believe, we make a difference.� We impress every one who deals with ALMUN�s crew whether they are in our small community in college or any one of the firms and organizations we deal with on the larger scale. We inspire others to do like we do and learn from us. We believe in our potentials and abilities and also believe that we can always be the top and provide the best service possible. And finally through impressing, inspiring and believing we make a difference in our personalities, The OC is the back bone of the ALMUN, all ALMUN�s participants and our society. and we are �like we always say- those people working in the backstage to perfect the outer image, and this year we promise that ALMUN has a real strong back bone and as we said before; for us ALMUN isn�t just a simulation, it is our passion.
Coordination Committee
Coordination Committee Head: Dalia Khaled
Members: Omneya, Hala EL Halaby, Nevien Essam, Lydia, Rasha, Mai Bassiouny, Sarah El-Raay, Sarah Bahy
Job Description: the committee forms the linkage between the Academic and Organizing committees, and is responsible for most of the paper work needed to finish with the college administration. Also they prepare any needed material for the sessions and prepare the delegate's name tags and placards. 8 ushers will join these 8 wonderful girls and their devoted hard working head will be responsible for the biggest OC committee.
Public Relations committee
Public Relations Head: Amira Hamdy
Members: Sarah El-Nahry, Walid, Hazem, Yasmine El-Kady, Sarah Salem
Job Description: Advertising for the model and introducing its activities and aims to guests as well as recruiting delegates are the committee�s main tasks. It is also responsible for foreign delegates� recruitment. Moreover PR committee is responsible of acquiring media sponsors. PR committee is ALMUN's voice to the media and celebrities.
Fund Raising Head: Sarah Sherif
Members: Sherif Galal, Ramez, El-Imam, Shaza, Nermine
Job Description: Its main task is to raise funds and search for potential sponsors that can contribute financially to the model.  They seek all kinds of possible sponsors who might be interested in supporting ALMUN and exert all efforts to acquire the necessary funds. They are the tough soldiers who protect and build ALMUN.
Innovation Committee
Innovation Committee Head: Noha El Ghazaly
Members: Kismet, Noha El-Sebaay, Mohamed Essmat
Job Description: Introduce to ALMUN for the first time this year, this committee is mainly responsible for designing advertisements, printed materials other than the newsletter for the model, various booths as well as filming documentaries. The committee prepared the content of ALMUN�s website as well. They are the creative artists who use up-to-date technology to present ALMUN's image.
Newsletter MUN and MAL
N.L MUN Committee Head: Mohamed EL Mahdy
N.L MAL Committee Head: Mahmoud El Khateeb
N.L MUN Members: Dina Wahba, Aziza Khalil, Nadine Ali, Nadine Hesham
N.L MAL Members: Islam Hegazy, Farah Omar, Heba Hegazy, Sarah Hassan
Job Description: these two committees are responsible of writing and editing the model�s official newsletter. Excellent writing skills and general knowledge are the common characteristic that the members of these committees posses. And each N.L issue they present to all ALMUNers various controversial issues which ignite a lot of hot debates.
Internal Development
Internal Development Head: Yasmine Nofal
Job Description: This committee is responsible of developing inter-committee relations and facilitating the movement of all members around all committees. Also, the committee is responsible of building up the database of the OC, ALMUN's library and running various charity projects which included visits to a girls' orphanage and a campaign to help feed the needy during the holy month of Ramadan. The Head of this committee is responsible for preparing ALMUN's juniors' model which has been taking place these past two years in Nefertari Language Schools and is a huge success. Note: this committee has no members.
Reception Head: Amr Mostafa
Members: Ziad, Nesma, Rasha, Rana Ashour
Job description: this committee is responsible for preparing ALMUN's outings as well as providing food and coffee break sponsors. Moreover, all ALMUN entertainment events are prepared by the committee. so far Recaption committee has prepared some very successful events which are  FEPS welcome party in high heels, Trip to Sharm El Sheik during mid year vacation which was a blast. So await Recption committee's upcoming events and don�t miss ALMUN's carnival on 13/3 in Wadi Degla club.