The Business Plot: FDR New Deal 

Each of you will have a chance at changing America’s future, so it’s important to speak up for what your character believes in and do your best to get your agenda completed. I expect for this committee to reach the goal of electing an Illuminati-favored candidate for president–how we get there will be up to the decisions you make as a committee. In order to fully participate, each delegate should be familiar with their character’s general views and backgrounds, as well as the specific information that will be handed to you in the dossiers. Use this intel wisely, and you could end up at the top of the pyramid. I would say I can’t wait to see what happens, but the Illuminati knows all. Omnis vir enim sui!


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Crisis Director:

Jason Castillo

Keller, TX


Assistant Crisis Director:

Samuel Reece

Montevallo, AL



Katelin Faherty

Birmingham, AL



Chris Harden

Pensacola, FL


It is May 1933, and President Franklin Delano Roosevelt has called for an emergency session of congress in an America deep in the largest economic disaster the world has ever seen. His presidential platform of a ‘New Deal’ – marketed as a redistribution of wealth – has made American elites uneasy. Systemic change is needed to avoid the path the country is headed toward, even if this means subversion of Democracy and the Constitution itself. Few have the ability to do this but for those gathered in this committee, who range from captains of industry to sitting politicians to military leaders. In order to prevent a war against the wealthy, the members of this committee need to stand against the tyranny of the majority and assert their dominance over the United States. President Roosevelt and the people who elected him will learn that those who wield power will not have it taken from them without a fight.

Crisis Staffer: 

Andrew Post

Crisis Staffer:

Gregory Stauter

Mobile, AL


Crisis Staffer: 

Payton Gloschat

Madison, AL


Crisis Staffer: 

Maria Martins