Ruh Roh: Scooby Doo Villains Training

Those meddling kids thought it was over once they turned you in to the authorities. They thought that you would just rot in jail and reflect on your misdeeds. Little did they know, the time in the slammer only gave you time to plot your revenge. You met a lot of others that they locked up over the years: C.L. Magnus, Captain Cutler, Mr. Wickles, Dr. Najib, Baptiste, Mama Mione… you’ve met them all. All are honest people, trying to make a living one way or another, foiled by a group of teenagers and a dog who trespassed and snooped where they didn’t belong. Fueled by a desire to rehash your dastardly plots, you have joined forces. You have only one mission- destroy Mystery Inc. It’s their turn to get unmasked.

Greetings dudes and dudettes,


My name is Blair Morrison and it is my totally radical privilege to serve as the crisis director for the hottest mystery in Coolsville since the 1960s. This is my eleventh year being involved with model UN and I can’t wait to share my passion for it with you! As an active member of the International Relations Club for seven semesters, I have attended seven collegiate model UN conferences around the US and abroad. In ALMUN, I served as a co-chair for the Secret Society of Supervillains in the Justice League JCC, directed the Discovery of Atlantis crisis committee at ALMUN VII, and directed the Clash of the Gods joint crisis committee last year. Outside of MUN, I am a senior (jinkies!) double majoring in marine science and biology and triple minoring in the Blount Scholars Program, French, and Geology. After graduating, I hope to go on to graduate school and pursue a career in marine research, policy and education.

The year is 1973. Morals are loose, the Vietnam War is coming to a close and Mystery Incorporated has become a renowned group of sleuths. Now in their mid twenties, the group has developed a crystal clear record with law enforcement and often works side by side with them. They have a brand new office space downtown, accompanied by local celebrity. The town has never been safer. It’s a groovy time to be a citizen of Coolsville- unless you’re behind bars. Secluded from the world for years on end, some of Coolsville’s most notorious criminals have been rotting away in Bogg’s Prison. Carrying sentences several decades long, they believe that they may never see the world outside of concrete walls, until a mysterious benefactor bails them out. Along with their personal effects is a puzzle piece and a note: ‘Out of jail/ take your revenge/ pieces tell the tale/ Mystery Inc must end’. The villains, grateful for freedom, decide to heed the call of the note. But who bailed them out? And who would go to these lengths to ruin the group’s success?  

As the newly-freed villains, you will have to work together to get to the bottom of this mystery. While plotting the downfall of those meddling kids, it is your job to look for dirt, sway public opinion and re-establish yourselves as upstanding citizens of Coolsville. However, egos and attitudes among this group are notoriously strong; not to mention, freedom offers the opportunity to return to a life of crime for personal gain.Your time in the slammer didn’t deter the upkeep of important connections (some more legal than others); these may be valuable assets in the days to come. Succeeding in your mission offers a chance to clear your names and reclaim your lives. If you fail, Bogg’s Prison has plenty of open cells that you could be returned to. Either way, the villains of old will get a chance at their greatest heist yet- unmasking Mystery Inc. Ruh-Roh!

Blair Morrison

Crisis Director

Crisis Director: Blair Morrison


Finchville, KY


Marine Science and Biology

Assistant Crisis Director: Kieran Altenbern


Nashville, TN


Special Education

Chair: Sam Raburn


Forst, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany



Co-Chair: Sarah Murphree


Rainbow City, AL


Art History, English

Committee Staff: Brooklyn Pfanstiel, Jason Castillo, Drew Buslow, Emily Schroeder

All position papers must be WORD DOCUMENTS

and should be saved as the name of your country or character.