Secret Society of the Illuminati

A looming threat to democracy has reigned over America for two years now, and the people–and Donald Trump himself–have had enough. 2018 has brought the chance of a new era, and it’s time to start preparing candidates for the 2020 presidential election. Over the course of the next two years, this secret society will have to debate and then carefully select what steps to take in order to successfully and secretly regain control and move the government back under the Eye. By first selecting candidates to possibly represent the Illuminati through the Democratic party, then grooming the campaign to ultimately end in their favor, this group certainly has work to do in order to take back the Illuminati’s reign.

Hello all!


My name is Bentley Harden and I am honored to be the crisis director for the Secret Society Committee at ALMUN X. This is my first year being involved with ALMUN, and I could not be more excited. This will be my third time staffing a model UN conference, and my fifth conference total. My current major is actually not political science or international business, but rather advertising, with a creative specialization (graphic design is my passion). Participating in Model UN is one of my favorite pastimes, even though it’s not common for an advertising major to be at the International Relations Club meetings. One day I hope to be an art director for a company’s advertising team and make the world a better place, one billboard at a time. Maybe I’ll pursue a master's degree, but who really knows at this point.

I decided to head this committee because of how interesting I know it is going to be. Delegates, be prepared to dive into the near future and face real-life, potential problems in a sophisticated setting. Your influence in this committee can shake the world, specifically in the US 2020 presidential election. The Illuminati will be meeting over the course of “two years” to sway the election in the society's favor. It’s up to you to make sure that it favors your character as well. All of the characters will be in either the Republican or Democratic party, and each of you will have predetermined motives, which will be sent out prior to the conference.

Each of you will have a chance at changing America’s future, so it’s important to speak up for what your character believes in and do your best to get your agenda completed. I expect for this committee to reach the goal of electing an Illuminati-favored candidate for president–how we get there will be up to the decisions you make as a committee. In order to fully participate, each delegate should be familiar with their character’s general views and backgrounds, as well as the specific information that will be handed to you in the dossiers. Use this intel wisely, and you could end up at the top of the pyramid. I would say I can’t wait to see what happens, but the Illuminati knows all. Omnis vir enim sui!
Bentley Harden
Crisis Director

Crisis Director: Bentley Harden


Montgomery, AL



Assistant Crisis Director: Emily Heath


South Plainfield, NJ


Political Science, Psychology

Chair: Sarah Conrad


West Chester, PA



Co-Chair: Aaron Bolden


Carrollton, GA


Criminal Justice, Political Science

Committee Staff: Chance McCoy, Amber Carter

All position papers must be WORD DOCUMENTS

and should be saved as the name of your country or character.