Alabama Model United Nations X will offer five exciting Crisis Committees.


A Crisis Committee is a small body brought together to deal with an issue of immediate importance with swift and decisive measures. Rather than representing a country, each Delegate is assigned a character to play for the duration of the conference, and Delegates are encouraged to embrace and genuinely act according to their position. A key feature of Crisis Committees is their dynamic nature. When the body passes a directive (a resolution for Crisis Committees), its effects and results are brought to the body in news articles and speakers. In other words, the topics will continue to change and evolve based on the actions the body does (or does not) take.


Hi everyone!

We are your Under-Secretaries-General of Crisis for ALMUN X and we could not be more excited.


Clayton Lawing is a sophomore majoring in Human Resources Management and minoring in Public Policy and the Blount Undergraduate Initiative. Clayton is from Montgomery, AL although his family originates from Thailand. This is his sixth year in Model UN, having been involved in the last four years of ALMUN, including Co-Chairing the Clash of the Gods JCC last year. His favorite committees are often ICJ, SOCHUM, and ALMUN's previous Justice League JCC. Besides Model UN, Clayton is involved on campus, serving as a Resident Adviser, an Associate Justice on the Student Government Association Judiciary, and being the Outreach Director for AIRC. Clayton is beyond excited for ALMUN X and hopes that staff, sponsors, and delegates will come to the conferences with open hearts and open minds, ready to learn about international issues.


Genna Yonge is a sophomore at the University of Alabama, majoring in International Studies and minoring in Spanish. She is serving as the Co-Under Secretary General of Crisis Committees for for ALMUN X along with her counterpart Clayton Lawing. This is her first year serving in the Secretariat for ALMUN, although she was a committee chair and country delegate in past Model United Nations conferences. She is so excited to be a part of ALMUN X and can’t wait to see the conference in action this February!


ALMUN is an amazing opportunity for delegates to expand their knowledge of international issues while also fostering immense personal growth. The conference itself features two main bodies for delegates to improve their strengths. The General Assemblies body features many amazing opportunity for international cooperation; however, we are very proud to boast our slate of crisis committees for this year’s conference. Our 5 committees each feature unique simulations in which delegates can completely immerse themselves in the worlds that our Crisis Directors have created. That 80’s Committee: The Reagan Revolution features an inside look at the workings of the 1980s under the administration of Ronald Reagan where delegates must find a rediscovery of values, of commonsense, and a revival of the American spirit in order to succeed. Ruh Roh: Scooby Doo Villains Training Committee allows for newer delegates to explore the realm of crisis while engaging in the world of Scooby Doo. The Summers of Love: The Years of Protest JCC offers a historical look into the Years of Protest with “the establishment” on one side and beatnik-turned-hippie youth on the other: Will the United States ever make it through the Summer of Love? The Secret Society of the Illuminati will work hard to maneuver through the 2020 Presidential Election season in order to nominate and elect the perfect candidate to represent the wants of this Secret Society. The Ad Hoc Committee of the Secretary-General will keep it’s topic completely secret but delegates are sure to be tested in their crisis skills. We look forward to helping everyone find their home in our Crisis Committees come February!


Clayton Lawing & Genna Yonge

Position Paper Instructions