Each of you will have a chance at changing America’s future, so it’s important to speak up for what your character believes in and do your best to get your agenda completed. I expect for this committee to reach the goal of electing an Illuminati-favored candidate for president–how we get there will be up to the decisions you make as a committee. In order to fully participate, each delegate should be familiar with their character’s general views and backgrounds, as well as the specific information that will be handed to you in the dossiers. Use this intel wisely, and you could end up at the top of the pyramid. I would say I can’t wait to see what happens, but the Illuminati knows all. Omnis vir enim sui!


A new president has just been inaugurated. The year is 2025, and it's a turbulent time in American politics. Our new chief executive doesn’t know where to turn for guidance. Luckily, he’s about to discover a treasure trove of presidential know-how, in the Ghosts of Presidents Past. He can communicate with all the presidents who came before him - not just the ones that are alive. As the first president from the Independent party, he’s got a long and hard road ahead. But he’s got 236 years and 45 Presidents to help him find his way.


Ghosts of Presidents Past

Background Guide

Assistant Crisis Director:

Azul Weber


Sarah Murphree

Rainbow City, Alabama



Makaylah Kirk

Montgomery, Alabama


Crisis Director:

Riley LoCurto

Franklin, Tennessee


Crisis Staffer:

Griffin Specker

Cumming, Georgia


Crisis Staffer:

Brooke Tuthill

St. Joseph, Michigan


Crisis Staffer:

Kate Huffman

Statesville, North Carolina