Alabama Model United Nations X will offer five exciting Crisis Committees.


A Crisis Committee is a small body brought together to deal with an issue of immediate importance with swift and decisive measures. Rather than representing a country, each Delegate is assigned a character to play for the duration of the conference, and Delegates are encouraged to embrace and genuinely act according to their position. A key feature of Crisis Committees is their dynamic nature. When the body passes a directive (a resolution for Crisis Committees), its effects and results are brought to the body in news articles and speakers. In other words, the topics will continue to change and evolve based on the actions the body does (or does not) take.

That 80’s Committee:

The Reagan Revolution

It’s morning in America!


Welcome to the 1980’s: where greed is good, hair is big, bureaucracy is bad, and Soviets are the root of all evil.

It’s January, 1981, and Hollywood actor and 33rd Governor of California Ronald Wilson Reagan has just been sworn in as the 40th President of the United States. With him, America is turning in a new political direction: to the right. Reagan’s top Cabinet members and closest advisors are now charged with the daunting task of saving the United States from the failures made deep and wide by the Carter Administration, and must charter a new path forward for the sake of the future of the free world.


At home, the American people are suffering under a “misery index” of combined inflation and unemployment of nearly 20%, and the battle against the American people and their interest rates waged by the Fed has only launched the U.S. into a short but painful recession. Abroad, the U.S. has been continuously embarrassed by recent Presidential shortcomings -- failing to return home hostages in Iran with diplomatic strength, lacking the military superiority to offer a credible threat to the ever-looming Soviet Union, and ceding economic leverage to the Middle East and others through disastrous trade agreements. Soviet-inspired leftists are advancing in every corner of the world, especially across Central America and the African Continent, threatening the values of freedom, liberty, and democracy Americans hold at their very core with the communist ideals that are the antithesis to everything America hopes to exemplify and stand for.

The challenges are vast, and the solutions limited for the Reagan Administration, whose valiant leader has deemed government not as the solution to the problem, but the root of it. In order to succeed, there must be a rediscovery of values, of commonsense, and a revival of the American spirit.

And why should we not succeed? After all, “We have it in our power to begin the world over again.”

Welcome to That ‘80s Committee.

Welcome to the Reagan Revolution.


Crisis Director: Whitney Cravens 

Ruh Roh:

Scooby Doo Villains


Those meddling kids thought it was over once they turned you in to the authorities. They thought that you would just rot in jail and reflect on your misdeeds. Little did they know, the time in the slammer only gave you time to plot your revenge. You met a lot of others that they locked up over the years: C.L. Magnus, Captain Cutler, Mr. Wickles, Dr. Najib, Baptiste, Mama Mione… you’ve met them all. All are honest people, trying to make a living one way or another, foiled by a group of teenagers and a dog who trespassed and snooped where they didn’t belong. Fueled by a desire to rehash your dastardly plots, you have joined forces. You have only one mission- destroy Mystery Inc. It’s their turn to get unmasked.


Crisis Director: Blair Morrison 

Summers of Love: The Years of Protest JCC

By 1964, the television set had become the center of every American household, and while one channel showed footage of the ongoing war in Vietnam, another debuted a shaggy hair band from Liverpool, ushering in the age of Beatlemania. It seems the American public is fighting more than one “living room war,” while the Johnson Administration escalates the war in Vietnam and social unrest rages in the United States, the new counterculture  of love, drugs, and rock’n’roll is fueling new grassroots anti-war movements. In the age of the progressive New Left, civil rights protests and student rallies fight for legitimacy through the television screen. Liberal leaders from across the nation must scramble to unite and form a cohesive movement, while the Johnson Administration struggles to maintain public trust. With “the establishment” on one side and beatnik-turned-hippie youth on the other, how will the United States ever make it through the Summer of Love?

The Joint Crisis Committee is very different from the normal MUN experience. JCC consists of two independently running subcommittees whose decisions and actions immediately affect the crisis at hand, thus providing for an experience like no other. If the bloc as a whole is to succeed, the delegates must compromise, negotiate, and persevere in a battle of diplomatic wit; after all, there is a nemesis waiting, biding its time.


Crisis Director: Sarah Forland 

Secret Society of the Illuminati

A looming threat to democracy has reigned over America for two years now, and the people–and Donald Trump himself–have had enough. 2018 has brought the chance of a new era, and it’s time to start preparing candidates for the 2020 presidential election. Over the course of the next two years, this secret society will have to debate and then carefully select what steps to take in order to successfully and secretly regain control and move the government back under the Eye. By first selecting candidates to possibly represent the Illuminati through the Democratic party, then grooming the campaign to ultimately end in their favor, this group certainly has work to do in order to take back the Illuminati’s reign.


Crisis Director: Bentley Harden


The Ad Hoc Committee of the Secretary General is designed to give experienced delegates a unique and exciting experience. The committee itself will remain secret until shortly before conference when the background guide is released. Delegates will be forced to think creatively and quickly, and crisis skills will be continuously tested. The Ad Hoc committee will be home to high caliber debate and strive to create the most innovative crisis experience for delegates.


Crisis Director: Christian Bender